Golden Oldies in Wettenberg 2007

1 08 2007

I spent last weekend at the 1950s festival ‘Golden Oldies’ in Wettenberg in Germany. It was my first time and definitely not my last. I have actually prebooked my hotel in Gießen for 2008. It was a fantastic experience. Great live bands playing from  Friday at 8pm. Some silent hours Saturday and Sunday otherwise loads of great music and great dance. Plenty of good food and beer too. Despite a thousands of visitors and alcohol I could not see one drunk person. Not one  police or any fighting people. The second great thing was the large number of ‘Golden Oldies’, that is old cars but in pristine condition. My main reason to go was the 1950s fashion. That is my passion. Thousands of petticoated ladies in billowing skirts. You could buy all kind of items both from stalls outdoor and in a hall. If you want to experience something great I can not recommend enough to visit Golden Oldies.

It is easy to go to Wettenberg. My flight was from London Heathrow to Frankfurt Airport. Arriving to the airport I bought a train ticket to Gießen (twintown to Winchester where I live). I changed train in Frankfurt. The ticket was €12.50. From Gießen train station left dedicated buses for the festival. A day ticket was €1. The entrance to the festival €9 and if you paid Friday the ticket was valid for all three days. I call that Value for Money. You will have three great days with everything that make life worth living. I will add photos in my account and upload a video at Youtube.


Bring back the 1950s!

13 07 2007

“Bring back the 1950’s” was the answer Richard & Judy got when they went out and asked the public about the 1950s. A decade when the female curves was stressed by the help of the fashion. Women wore girdles and petticoats. The survey was in connection with the interview with Nina with a special salon, see below. I myself adore the 1950s. I two weeks time I am going to Germany and Wettenberg and their festival Golden Oldies . The next huge 1950s event is Goodwood Revival.

What is your experience and impression of the 1950s fashion? Would you like to see a revival of the 1950s fashion?

Nina the Head Dresser runs a salon with a difference. Down a small side street in south London, Nina’s Hair Parlour specialises in the vintage look. The fab fifties are back with bouffant curls and bullet bras to boot. But how does a girl get a fifties look in noughties world?

We sent Sarah Cawood and her friend, Bakul Patki to find out some of Nina’s top tips and spend a day at her salon for the ultimate fifties flair.

To get to know where to get the look visit Nina’s Hair Parlour, For more information on how to get the fifties look visit:

The 1954 Cadillac in our film was provided by:

Royal Ascot

26 06 2007

Sorry for the total silence here. I have been at Royal Ascot for five days. It is an amazing event to study fashion at. Royal Ascot is of course most famous because of the hats but it is very interesting to study how the race-goers are dressed. In the Royal Enclosure top hat and morning suite or tail is what you wear as a man. You are also welcome to dress in your National Costume. I don’t know but want to find out when Royal Ascot become a hat parade event?

Gianfranco Ferrè R.I.P.

18 06 2007

June 17th 2007 fashion creator Gianfranco Ferrè sadly passed passed away. Wikipedia about Ferrè

Gianfranco Ferrè

$500 in fine or 6 months in jail?

15 06 2007

It is certainly not a nice view but to fine it with $500 or 6 months in jail is that not to go a bit far? I read today in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the City of Delcambre in the state of Louisiana. The Mayor of the city explains that if you walk around showing your private parts you get fined. What is your opinion? I certainly don’t find the style attractive, rather embarrasing to be honest. But to give someone 6 months jail for this when Paris Hilton is given 45 days for driving when having  been drinking. This ‘dress code’ marks that you are a hiphop or want to belong to that group.TrousersPhoto: Scanpix

Men in shorts in the city?

12 06 2007

Men in shorts in the cityIs this suitable?

Some people label themselves as ‘fashion experts’ argue that men in shorts in the city is not correct dressing. What is your opinion? I can’t see anthing wrong in it as long as the shorts is about knee-length.

Preparing for new post

12 06 2007

Sorry not to have posted anything for some days. I am preparing one post that will discuss hoodies and the history of hoodies. Have in mind that ‘The Scottish Widow’ is hoodied too.

Another post will be on how apprentices in the businessworld dress. Should an apprentice really dress as if already is an international businessman?