Why women in trousers is not called ‘crossdressers’?

3 08 2007

When in the fashion businesss you meet all kind of people. When you are doing historic dance and and have a love for dressing up in 18th and 19th century (reproduction) clothes, you now and then get in contact with men dressing in skirt. Why are they called ‘crossdressers’ in our Western community? Women dress in trousers without being called anything special. Dressing in the opposite sex’s fashion is nothing new. The first case I have heard of, outside university theatre, is in the 18th century. The british ambassador to Paris is said to have attended parties dressed as a woman. He was never revealed. When dead one found ladies clothes in his wardrobe.

In 1920s Paris women were fined if found wearing trousers.

Several books have been written about the phenomena. I have not read them yet.

The subject is interesting. Women in office environment and career women dress the same way as men. Many of these women claims they have to do it to be taken seriously.

Is trousers a power garment? You have a say “who is wearing the trousers in your house?”. I know an american lady. She dress in huge skirts รก la 1950s. She has told me that men opens the door for her, ask her if they may help her and so on.

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