Bring back the 1950s!

13 07 2007

“Bring back the 1950’s” was the answer Richard & Judy got when they went out and asked the public about the 1950s. A decade when the female curves was stressed by the help of the fashion. Women wore girdles and petticoats. The survey was in connection with the interview with Nina with a special salon, see below. I myself adore the 1950s. I two weeks time I am going to Germany and Wettenberg and their festival Golden Oldies . The next huge 1950s event is Goodwood Revival.

What is your experience and impression of the 1950s fashion? Would you like to see a revival of the 1950s fashion?

Nina the Head Dresser runs a salon with a difference. Down a small side street in south London, Nina’s Hair Parlour specialises in the vintage look. The fab fifties are back with bouffant curls and bullet bras to boot. But how does a girl get a fifties look in noughties world?

We sent Sarah Cawood and her friend, Bakul Patki to find out some of Nina’s top tips and spend a day at her salon for the ultimate fifties flair.

To get to know where to get the look visit Nina’s Hair Parlour, For more information on how to get the fifties look visit:

The 1954 Cadillac in our film was provided by: