6 inch heels!

2 10 2008

The latest big thing in the fashion world seems to be the extremely high heels. it is 5-6 inch high. The woman can hardly walk in them. Why do women want to wear shoes like that? Women seems to feel sexy in them? Whose idea is it? I am asking as I am keen to know if the designer behind the shoes is a male or female? Any way it seems as if women cannot get them quick enough? I am putting a parallell between these really not practical shoes and corsets. In a morning television program some women were asked to go shopping wearing 6 inch heels. It did work although it was not easy. Shopping when laced in a corset is not that difficult.




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12 06 2009

I guess it takes abit of practice, I have a pair of 8 inch heels and can walk in them just fine. I wouldn’t spend a whole day shopping in them, but I’ve been blubbing in them for a few hours – it works very well! =)

9 02 2010
Linda Morand

The trend toward super-high heels is pushed by the more campy side of fashion. It is considered sexy. I do not like wearing very high heels because the put one off balance. You cannot run well in them and even walking well in high heels is an art form.

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