The revival of 50s fashion for ladies

9 08 2008

The 1950s ladies fashion with full skirts have had a revival this summer. I find it very nice to see the feminine look back in fashion. Designers as Vivienne of Holloway are selling well. It seem to be women of all ages buying. But when visiting 50s festivals like Golden Oldies in Wettenberg in Germany, most ladies dressed 1950s seems to be ladies that want to revive the memory of their youth. 

What future has this feminine look?




3 responses

10 10 2008
Sara Wilson

Hi there, I have a lovely red satin dress from Vivienne of Holloway, it`s really lovely to wear, but beware,they are in the old sizes and very fitted from the waist up. So measure carefully girls !!!

10 01 2009
george & holly

we have al so found miss holloway`s sizes a bit on the small side and don’t wash very well as her fabric is not washed before they make them as fabric to tend to shrink after its first wash mind you that was a few years a go now that’s why we started our own web site selling 1950s style dresses witch are more up to date on size and more reasonable on price give us a look you may just fall in love with one .

9 02 2010
Linda Morand

I am hoping for a revival of the 50’s Look, but more updated. I like the full skirts, the hide a multitude of sins LOL.

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