Young womens dressing at Stureplan in Stockholm

21 10 2007

In newspapers in Sweden you can read about teenage girls going to the bar dressed in only string thongs and bra. They do it to get attention from the male. Some women are complaining about the attitude shown from the male visitors. If I went to a bar or nightclub and saw women or rather teenage girls in string thong and bra only I would ask myself what they were there for? Don’t those young girls have any self-respect? What they want is free alcohol/champagne from the rich or at least pretending to be rich guys. A ‘fashion expert’ in Sweden, Ebba von Sydow claims that the young girls has a competition on who dress in less clothes? I find it incredibly stupid!
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19 11 2007
Eva Anderson

I think that the way the swedish girls are dressing is very unapproperiat.In the summer time they dress amost halve naked.

19 11 2007

I completely agree with you. Couldn’t the leave something for the imagination? I went to ‘Golden Oldies’ a 1950s festival in Germany last Summer. Even the ‘cool’ guys found the 1950s fashion great. Young women don’t need to dress the way they do to get attention, do they? They believe young men prefer girls half-naked?

21 11 2007

I think that the way one dresses shows their personality. For example,there is a difference between one that wears respectful clothes and one that doesnt. One that wears less clothes has less self_respect. And if they dont have self_respect they should respect others, since not everybody like to see halve naked girls walking in public. And these kinds of girls have no respect for themselves or for others so they should not be called humans.

21 11 2007

Agree completely! It’s not only half-naked women. It’s also men with a beer-belly just to take an example. What ever, you should show respect for others by your dressing. I disagree on your last point. They have the right to be called humans but not ladies.

Fact is that people don’t treat them with respect either.

2 12 2007
Markus Nilsson

I am swedish and i hate swedish gils. And about the way they dress,they dont even know how to dress.

2 12 2007

Hi Markus!
I am afraid most young women here in the UK is dressing bad too. They want to be treated as ladies but they dress as something else. Why can’t young women understand that men want them to leave something to the imagination too?
Do you hate swedish girls and their way to dress? Or just the way how they dress? How would you like them to dress? I believe that is the most important point.

6 05 2008

I find this “article” dated and conservative. Dressing should be optional. It’s usually not the clothes that provoke. I think the focus of this discussion should be on the role models of young girls that undress to get champagne. Where are they? Why is this accepted in public? Because half of the guys reading this are wondering where they can find a link to the pictures from this Swedish club.

Go to Brazil, the land of big women and small bikinis, I don’t think they have the same problem despite showing a whole lot more skin.

Swedish streets in the spring is one of the best tourist sites in the world. With some unfortunate exceptions.

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