Hoodies, friends or enemies?

23 08 2007

I ask myself the question again after I have heard about the death of an 11 year old boy in Liverpool, UK. The guy  with the gun  was a hoodie. Not long ago  another young man in London was shot dead by a hoodie. Some hoodies seems to find it cool to be regarded as  a ‘gangsta’. To me it is only cowards that don’t dare to show their faces.  They don’t dare to stand up for what they are doing.  Of course not all hoodies are criminals.




2 responses

26 08 2007

xD hoodies are cute most of the time and i think ther rly comfy and they keep you warm xD but uhh yea i like the hoodies they have at hot topic stores =P

26 08 2007

Bad hoodies gives the good ones a bad reputation. I am well aware that not all hoodies are bad. How do we, the society, solve the problem? No question that hoods keep you warm and nice.

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