What is most valued in models?

7 06 2007

Have you ever looked at a poster or a photo in a glossy-magazine and asked yourself why they have used that specific model? I have! Can an attractive model make up for a reputation of drug-and alcohol misuse? I believe it can. They hope that we forget what we have heard. Bad publicity doesn’t exist? Is it different between men and women? I wouldn’t buy something modelled on a man that is known for bad behaviour, like Pete Doherty. I think we as consumers can show what we want by what we buy. I made a connection with Hugh Grant and his new movie after he had kicked that photographer. I want to show my dislike by doing what I can do.




One response

8 06 2007
Drink Coasters

The thing is that its not that we are even looking at a product displayed by an attractive model. Most of these models are not that attractive. What we are looking at are heavily post-production renderings of the model (and the product). The model is without question manipulated after the photograph has been taken to make the model look more appealing to our senses, and thus, make the product look more appealing. In reality, I think most people may care that a product does harm, but that’s all forgotten when they see something appealing, see something that stimulates the mind…

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