Do all models have to be size zero and age 17?

6 06 2007

I went to a fashion show at ‘Norsk Form’ when I was in Oslo. It was a Performance by Danish designer Karoline Kjeldtoft called “86/77/96”. Ms Kjeldtoft interprets the little black dress and investigates contemporary ideals of beauty. The measures “86/77/96” is the typical for ‘mature’ women. I was asked in the perspective of being a male about my opinion? I find these ladies far more attractive than skinny size zero-models. This was very stylish. The garments shown worked with the bodies instead of trying to change them.

More information on Karoline Kjeldtoft can be found here 

Photo: Bo Persson

Karoline Kjeldtoft Performance “86/77/96″




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6 06 2007

Wonderful photograph! There could have been, however, a little variation in the shoes. Some nice sexy pumps would have done wonders for these girls.

6 06 2007

Thank you! I am the one behind the camera. I agree about the shoes but I guess the ladies wished to look elegant, and they certainly do.
Nice blog you have. Goth is interesting.

23 09 2007
Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

I perfectly agree that models who actually stand more than 1.75m on average, should not need to be a size zero.

But I’m actually a size zero and I have great difficulty finding clothes for myself in Sweden. In fact, I never shop in Sweden just because I cannot find my size. I’m a size 32. H&M, Lindex etc. all have size 34 as smallest.

Perhaps the major chains in Sweden should start considering size zero? For people who stand about 1.65m anyway, so I don’t need to go to the children’s department to buy clothes that are way too young for me. It’s embarassing.

Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

23 09 2007

Cheryl Marie,

Very nice website you have. I am going to read your thesis later.
I read tonight that Kate Middleton is aiming for a size zero now with the help of smoking when feeling hungry. I believed she was much more intelligent than taking up smoking and for what reason.

Do you really not find your size in ladies department? It could be that women in Sweden is larger compared to the women in England?

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