Dressed for Demonstration?

3 06 2007

G8 Summit¬†demonstratorsWhat kind of a person is it that covers up the way the pictures shows? To me this is an image of a coward! S/he is as anonymous as is possible. Why don’t they want people to be able to identify their face? Could it be they are aware they are doing something illegal? If you oppose to others meaning and want to make Your meaning known, why mask your face? That way your opinion is faceless!

I find it interesting to look back in history and see who has been hoodied and masked? Their aim.

People known in history wearing hoods are monks, druids and the Deathman. The mask is mainly connected with Pirates and Highwaymen. The mask has been to conceal the identity because they have committed illegal acts.

To me monks and druids wears a hood as they don’t feel as part of the soceity, although they are friendly. Is a hoodie in general friendly, just got a bad reputation by G8 Summit demonstrators?

I hope to be able to present some results from research later. I welcome comments very much.




One response

4 06 2007

Certain groups use specific styles hoods or masks to signify membership in a particular group. KKK comes to mind. The only benign situation I can think of when one might wear a mask is a mascarade party although the anonimity of a mask is perhaps not benign at all but really quite risque. In general the face mask is used to hide identity when engaging in activities contrary to the general establishment.

I suppose that people wear masks because they are afraid of how they will be judged for their actions. Does that make them a coward? I think in some cases it does but in others it is probably quite wise of them to hide.

It is interesting to note that we all hide behind some mask.

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