Hoodies, friends or enemies?

23 05 2007

At the conference Dressing Rooms Perspectives on Fashion and Textile at Oslo University College, Dr. Joanne Turney presented a paper “As Seen on CCTV: Anti Social Knitwear and the Horror of the ‘Hoodie’ http://www.hio.no/content/view/full/56441

I found the paper very interesting and it made me think. Are hoodies dangerous and a threat to the rest of the society or are hoodies just trying to escape and want to be alone? Do hoodies have sub-groups? Why do people become ‘hoodies’. Is it only young people or can even mature people become ‘hoodies’? My own theory is that ‘hoodies’ want to be alone and to wear a hood is the only way to distance themselves from the crowd. With ear-phones, they can actually isolate themselves completely?

What is the social background of the typical ‘hoody’?

This is what Wikipedia writes about them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoodie




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