Fashion Journalism – Good or Bad?

20 05 2007

Is fashion journalism something good or bad? Is it just a media for the fashion industry to get out their message? Who do the fashion magazines address? Pamela Church-Gibson was keynote speaker at the conference Dressing Rooms – Current Perspectives on Fashion and Textiles arranged by University College Oslo. The title of Church-Gibson’s paper was “Visualisations of Clothes, Fashion and Textile”. The paper made me think. Who do Dior address with a male model looking very feminine? I don’t feel addressed at all. I feel rather repelled. I wouldn’t dress in something that makes people believe I am gay.

Another question that hit me was  that ‘Dior’ was printed on the right side of the model  but no label on the items in the picture. Can that be explained by that Dior is selling a consept?

On my way back from Oslo to London I browsed the fashion magazines in Oslo, Amsterdam and Heathrow. I couldn’t find any magazine addressing businessmen. I find that a bit strange. Businessmen need to dress to make an impression. Dress to make a trustworthy impression. I will start to search for messages addressing businessmen.

Back to Church-Gibson’s paper. Why do Dior make men look feminine? What ages of men is Dior addressing?




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