6 inch heels!

2 10 2008

The latest big thing in the fashion world seems to be the extremely high heels. it is 5-6 inch high. The woman can hardly walk in them. Why do women want to wear shoes like that? Women seems to feel sexy in them? Whose idea is it? I am asking as I am keen to know if the designer behind the shoes is a male or female? Any way it seems as if women cannot get them quick enough? I am putting a parallell between these really not practical shoes and corsets. In a morning television program some women were asked to go shopping wearing 6 inch heels. It did work although it was not easy. Shopping when laced in a corset is not that difficult.



28 08 2008

What is ‘Eco-Fashion’?On what garments can we put the label ‘Eco-fashion’ on? Is it fashion made by textiles and methodes that is environmentally friendly? Is it fashion that has not been transported around the globe for different phases in its way to reach the consumer? To me it is fashion that is all of that. This kind of fashion could also mean a lower price-tag.

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The revival of 50s fashion for ladies

9 08 2008

The 1950s ladies fashion with full skirts have had a revival this summer. I find it very nice to see the feminine look back in fashion. Designers as Vivienne of Holloway are selling well. It seem to be women of all ages buying. But when visiting 50s festivals like Golden Oldies in Wettenberg in Germany, most ladies dressed 1950s seems to be ladies that want to revive the memory of their youth. 

What future has this feminine look?

Young womens dressing at Stureplan in Stockholm

21 10 2007

In newspapers in Sweden you can read about teenage girls going to the bar dressed in only string thongs and bra. They do it to get attention from the male. Some women are complaining about the attitude shown from the male visitors. If I went to a bar or nightclub and saw women or rather teenage girls in string thong and bra only I would ask myself what they were there for? Don’t those young girls have any self-respect? What they want is free alcohol/champagne from the rich or at least pretending to be rich guys. A ‘fashion expert’ in Sweden, Ebba von Sydow claims that the young girls has a competition on who dress in less clothes? I find it incredibly stupid!
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The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957 at the V&A Museum in London UK

23 09 2007

The V&A Museum in London opened Saturday 22nd September the exhibition ‘The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957

Dior’s collection the  ‘New Look’ this Fall celebrates its 60th anniversary and that is the reason for the exhibition. It is important to note that it wasn’t Christian Dior that gave that name to the collection. The  name he gave the collection was ‘La Corolle’ because he thought that the skirt looked like a corolle the way it fell from the tiny waist. It was fashion journalist Carmel Winter that named the collection the ‘New Look’ simply because it was a new look.

A mistake is also that the number that has come to illustrate the collection is ‘Le Bare’. But it has come to illustrate the ‘New Look

Dior created the collection because he wanted a revival of the crinoline that was in fashion 1855 to 1863 with its peak in 1859. Dior admired C.F.Worth the father of haute couture and the couturier dressing the empresses of France, Austria and Russia. Some people have claimed he invented the crinoline. That is not true. That fashion came into fashion in 1856 (the steel hoops). By that time Worth was just a shop assistant. Enough about Worth.

Dior was lucky to meet cotton magnate Marcel Boussac. He could smell money in Dior’s ultra wide skirts. Dior borrowed 10 million francs from Boussac and promised to make wide skirts in fashion again.

Paris had lost its title as fashion capital of the world to New York. Paris was now very keen to regain the title.

Dior aimed clientele was established and elegant ladies in the world. He was surprised to see that also young women were attracted by his  collection. His own explanation for the success of the collection is that it was speaking about youth and future.

It took some time before London and England embraced the New Look.  The UK experienced a huge shortage of everything after the war. The newly elected Labour government had a lot of problems to face. Garments had to be marked with the ‘Utility mark’ before it reached the market. It meant that the garment had been through a strict price and quality control. Dior’s new skirt didn’t pass that test as it took far too much fabric. Of course women could travel to France and buy if they could afford it.

Another hurdle was that in the start women in the UK didn’t want to take orders from the fashion dictator in Paris. The ladies gave in slowly. First the made their own version of the wide skirt. Women were tired of the masculine style that had dominated their wardrobe since 1939.

Hoodies, friends or enemies?

23 08 2007

I ask myself the question again after I have heard about the death of an 11 year old boy in Liverpool, UK. The guy  with the gun  was a hoodie. Not long ago  another young man in London was shot dead by a hoodie. Some hoodies seems to find it cool to be regarded as  a ‘gangsta’. To me it is only cowards that don’t dare to show their faces.  They don’t dare to stand up for what they are doing.  Of course not all hoodies are criminals.

Why women in trousers is not called ‘crossdressers’?

3 08 2007

When in the fashion businesss you meet all kind of people. When you are doing historic dance and and have a love for dressing up in 18th and 19th century (reproduction) clothes, you now and then get in contact with men dressing in skirt. Why are they called ‘crossdressers’ in our Western community? Women dress in trousers without being called anything special. Dressing in the opposite sex’s fashion is nothing new. The first case I have heard of, outside university theatre, is in the 18th century. The british ambassador to Paris is said to have attended parties dressed as a woman. He was never revealed. When dead one found ladies clothes in his wardrobe.

In 1920s Paris women were fined if found wearing trousers.

Several books have been written about the phenomena. I have not read them yet.

The subject is interesting. Women in office environment and career women dress the same way as men. Many of these women claims they have to do it to be taken seriously.

Is trousers a power garment? You have a say “who is wearing the trousers in your house?”. I know an american lady. She dress in huge skirts á la 1950s. She has told me that men opens the door for her, ask her if they may help her and so on.

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